Everyone is welcome at Kreativum Science Center!

Information for visitors with disabilities

Kreativum covers an area of around 3,200 sq. m. and contains about 170 different stations. Indoors, most of the center and its stations is accessible to visitors with disabilities.

Getting around in a wheelchair or with a pram is easy. The floors are connected with elevators/lifts. Disabled toilets are available on both floors, and changing rooms can be found on the lower floor.

Many of our stations are adapted to offer a fun experience for everyone. For example, our goalie game measures your height before starting. This also allows wheelchair users to play, as the balls are adapted to the player’s height. The better you are, the faster they come!


If you have any special dietary requirements – e.g. vegetarian, lactose intolerance, gluten allergy, etc. – we would be grateful to hear from you before your visit. Allowing us to prepare for your dietary requirements prior to your visit will make for a much better dining experience.


Accessibility into Kreapark is unfortunately somewhat restricted for wheelchairs, strollers and persons with reduced mobility due to the elevation difference at the exit. There is, however, the option to walk around the building to get to Kreapark. Once inside Kreapark, almost everything is accessible.

We welcome any feedback

We are constantly working on improving conditions and accessibility for everyone, and we seek the input of our visitors, school classes and visitors with various disabilities to develop better solutions. We therefore highly value any observations you would like to share with us! Even if we may not be able to immediately remedy or improve the conditions you have observed, we store all suggestions and constructive comments. A relatively high proportion of our visitors have different forms of disabilities, which we are thrilled about as it results in more perspectives on the visitor experience at Kreativum.

Need to know more before visiting us? Get in touch, and we will do our best to provide you with all the information you need!