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An interactive discovery centre for curious minds of all ages – welcome!

The Kreativum Science Center aspires to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone by creating fun, memorable experiences.

You will discover many exciting activities and challenges for both the body and the mind. You’ll get the chance to discover, experiment and learn by exploring our interactive learning stations where you might even enjoy some unexpected “aha” moments!

Kreativum is closed today

Premiere for our Mobile Science Center

We are up and running with our Mobile Science Center! With our striped car, we reach various locations in the region and meet more groups in new places.

Our mobile operation complements our regular science center activities in Karlshamn.

Experience & explore

Temastationer på Kreativum

Immerse yourself and explore our engaging interactive learning stations at Kreativum. From Astronomy and Reactions with Kinetic Energy to Senses and Illusions, Water Adventures, Forest and Sustainability, Collaborative Stations, and Mind-bending Puzzles, each offering unique hands-on activities for you to try out and enjoy.

Kreanova Domebiograf

Kreanova is Kreativum’s scientific dome theatre. Inside the 11-metre diameter sphere, content comes to life through captivating projections. Not only does Kreanova serve as a cinema for spectacular film screenings, but it also transforms into a digital planetarium, guiding visitors on mesmerising journeys across the universe.


Kreapark is our outdoor park – an oasis situated on a lush island and peninsula in the River Mie, and is located at the back of Kreativum. Kreapark is open from May to September and offers a range of activities for both children and adults, including a playground, obstacle courses and a dedicated water play area for summer fun.

Kreativa konferenslokaler

Creative Conference Rooms

Book a conference with us!

Organizing a conference, calling a meeting, inviting for a kick-off, or gathering for a discussion can be so diverse – important, community-building, educational, decisive, encouraging, fun, unexpected, interesting, mandatory, knowledge-sharing, creative… And much more. No matter what the purpose of your next meeting is, our unique environments and innovative atmosphere can provide that little extra.

Free entry with an annual pass

Make sure you don’t miss a thing at Kreativum! It’s the ideal second home for those with a curious and knowledge-hungry nature.

  • You’ll start reaping the benefits on your third visit.
  • Unlimited visits for one year.
  • 10 % discount in the shop.
  • 10 % discount in the café (ice cream not included).
  • 10% discount on children’s birthday parties.
  • 10 % discount on special events.

Gift cards for the curious

Are you looking for the perfect gift? You’ve come to the right place! Give the gift of puzzlement and the joy of discovery with a gift card from Kreativum.

Curiosity is great for creativity – and makes life more exciting!