A meeting place with endless possibilities

Organising a conference, arranging a meeting, hosting a kick-off, or getting together for an informal discussion or exchange of ideas – can vary greatly. They can be challenging, promote team-building, be educational, inspiring, fun, unexpected, interesting, mandatory, knowledge-sharing, creative, and much more…

Regardless of the purpose of your next business meeting, our unique environment and innovative atmosphere can add that little extra spark to your event. We see ourselves as a rather unique conference venue – we are skilled at organising both traditional and entirely original conference packages.

Perhaps you want your conference participants to try building a chain of events during the morning coffee break? Or to see and experience the spectacular starry sky in our dome theatre, Kreanova, after their afternoon coffee and cake? Imagine meeting in a pentathlon just before lunch, where we put together a fun, challenging, and heart-pulsating competition where you compete in teams against each other? Creativity is in our Kreativum DNA, with you, the customer, at the centre – together, we create an experience that will make you and your conference participants want to come back again.

Let us be a source of inspiration for your creative ideas and significant future plans.

For booking inquiries, please contact us on 0454-56 39 76 or email