Wide range of school programs from preschool to high school.

Kreativum Science Center serves as a complement to the theoretical education provided in schools, particularly in the fields of natural sciences and technology. Our mission is to ignite curiosity and encourage inquisitive minds.

Expanding Abilities through Experiential Learning
Kreativum offers experiential learning opportunities that enable individuals to discover and develop their abilities. We provide environments for experimentation, school programs, professional development for educators, extracurricular courses and program activities. We serve as a meeting place for collaboration between the general public, educational institutions, businesses, academia, and both public and private organisations. Our aim is to encourage reflection and introduce new perspectives.

Fostering Scientific Knowledge Across All Ages
Together, we work towards ensuring that children, young people, and the general public – regardless of their backgrounds – have the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge in the fields of natural sciences, technology, and mathematics. We provide them with the foundation to strengthen their abilities in entrepreneurship and innovation development.

Inclusivity and Joyful Lifelong Learning in Science Centres
Science centres aim to promote inclusivity and contribute to the expansion of Sweden’s diverse talent pool. We focus on creating a sense of joyful lifelong learning, crafting experiences that deliver an impactful “wow” factor that stands out in an ever increasing competitive landscape.