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Kreativum’s curiosity shop / Discover fun gift ideas

Welcome to Kreativum’s popular gift shop – here, you’ll find gifts for all occasions.

In Kreativum’s shop, you’ll discover an exciting range of items that inspire further exploration and discovery at home. We’ve chosen a wide selection of games, puzzles and educational products that embody curiosity, knowledge, and learning. Here, you’ll find that special something – the perfect gift – for playful learning. Our shelves are stocked with intriguing challenges, books for both young and old, and creative building sets. Are you looking for a puzzling experiment or perhaps a three-dimensional puzzle?

Opening hours

Feel free to visit our shop! We’re open when Kreativum is open; please see our opening hours here. You can visit our shop without purchasing an entrance ticket to Kreativum.

Please note that Kreativum is a cashless science centre.

Give someone a gift card or a membership card

A gift card is the perfect present. You choose the amount for the gift card yourself. Or you can purchase a membership card as a gift.

Both gift cards and membership cards can be bought in person at the reception at Kreativum. Gift cards are also available for purchase through our online ticket shop.

Contact us

Take the opportunity to shop when you’re here for a visit. We’re happy to provide you with tips and suggestions for special gifts. We can also ship items via cash-on-delivery (postförskott) if you prefer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to help!

Call us on 0454-56 39 50.

Kluriga butiken på Kreativum
Kluriga butiken på Kreativum